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Oписание продукта

PLUSOBD Remote Car Starter Engine Remote Start Stop For Benz ML W164 GL X164 R W251 Plug And Play No Factory Key Chip Inside Car

Auto Start, Factory Direct Sell, Warranty with tech support, Agent Wanted

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Note please: This model is for benz ML W164(2006-11) GL X164(2006-12.11) R W251(2006-16), please make sure your car match it, or contact us to confirm.

Please tell us your car model before place ordering, it is specific for certain car model.

For this remote engine starter, it has 2 configurations: one is controlled by original car key, with function of remote engine start(air-conditioning system remote start for preheating and precool), remote engine off. The other configuration is controlled by mobile phone app with multiple functions, which can control your car without distance limitation. This kind is with sim card, so please offer us the APN, user name and password of the sim card you will use on our remote start module. It is important, so we can set it beforehand for your direct use.

 remote start

Product Description


1. remote engine start

The Remote Engine Start is a great feature to have on those hot summer days and cold winter mornings. Using your original car key/ mobile app, you can start engine and A/C system away from the vehicle (at home or in the office). No more having to warm up the vehicle’s engine before driving in the morning or sitting in a hot stuffy car waiting for the A/C to cool it down. Simply get into the vehicle and drive at a comfortable temperature.

Just click" start", your car will be turned on, you can set the time that the engine can turn on( 6-30 minutes).

The air-conditioner have to be pre-set before using remote control.

It is intolerant and unhealthy to get into car in hot summer. It may cause death sometimes( it is not a joke).

In bitter winter, do you want to shiver with cold even get into  car for long time?

With our device, you can restarter your car air conditioner to the comfortable temperature before you get into car, no need to bear severe cold or burning hot.

engine start

2016 New Car Accessories For Benz W212 E300 Car Remote Start Engine Preheat Car In Winter And Precool Car In Summer









































2016 New Car Accessories For Benz W212 E300 Car Remote Start Engine Preheat Car In Winter And Precool Car In Summer










































2.Remote engine turn off

Just click " stop" , the engine will be turnned off

engine turn off


How to work--Button For Start and Exit

Start: Press the lock button on original key for 3 times within 5 seconds, then the remote start engine device start to work. The car alarm light will flash and the horn will ring shortly. The engine will be flameout automatically after 15 minutes. Also, if start car door after the device start working , it also flameout.


Personal choosing button

Horn sounds before starting: turn the dial switch “1” to “ON”, it means to close horn sound, otherwise the sound is on default.


Car coverage:



Working environment:


How to Install:

For your safety and prodct normally work, we strongly advice you to install it by some professional people.

The professional tools you need for install:

1. a pc of 20 spline  2, EIS lock tool 3, a set of special rocker, 4. towels

professional tools

Wiring Diagram:

benz remote control connection

Install steps:

1. The overall instrumentation diagram

2.Demolition of the driver plate
(Note: remove the screw on the floor , be careful of the OBD line)


3. Open the host ( Note: there are concealed button)


4. Install the module, determine the module installation location (Note:  plug to be in place)


5. check if the line and card of the module has been well plugged in


Packaging & Shipping


3 general converter boxes

Wiring harness


Warranty card

Certification card



PLUSOBD Remote Car Start For Benz ML W164 GL X164 R W251 Remote Start Engine And Air Conditioner To Warm Up Or Cool Down Vehicle